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The Island of Hope™ Cancer Research Foundation is a non-profit biotechnology cancer research foundation formed exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes. We formed our group with a primary focus on scientific research being designed and developed to help cure cancer. The mission of the Island of Hope Cancer Research Foundation is to help extend human life expectancy beyond what is currently thought possible, in particular and especially for cancer patients. The biotechnology we are helping develop delivers novel therapeutic agents to cancer cells using antibody fragments and complexes.

The initial conceptual research work that our non-profit Organization is based upon began in 1999 when a friend of our Chief Science Officer was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant brain cancer (glioblastoma). Since then, a unique research project has emerged that is being designed and developed that could potentially lead to a successful treatment for breast cancer, brain cancer, and the vast majority of cancers . In addition, our group has been able to design a similar research protocol that will theoretically allow for the treatment of cancers that have widespread metastases. Contact us regarding potentially tailoring part of the research thesis proposal being worked on to create a custom designed and theoretically sound cancer research project for you or your loved one.

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