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The Island of Hope™ Cancer Research Foundation, known as Launch The Cure™️ is a non-profit biotechnology cancer research foundation formed exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes.

The work of this primarily cancer research Foundation is based on a unique form of immune therapy research that is relatively unconstrained by the genetics of the cancer. That project involves activating tumor recognizing T-lymphocytes in a novel way against childhood and adult cancers and their metastases.

Our focus is on scientific research being designed and developed to help cure Breast Cancer and Childhood Leukemia. The cancer research project is called "Launch the Cure." This research has been invited to be performed at the Space Life Science Laboratory (which is part of NASA) next to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The biotechnology we are helping develop delivers novel therapeutic agents to cancer cells using extremely high affinity antibody fragments and complexes. The initial conceptual research work that our non-profit Organization is based upon began in 1999 when a friend was diagnosed with malignant brain cancer. Since then, a research project has been designed that could potentially help lead to a successful treatment for childhood leukemia, breast cancer, brain cancer, and a majority of other cancers, and their metastases.

No animal research.

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